Ensuring Your Last Wishes Are Carried Out

There is only one sure way to be sure that your wishes are carried out exactly as you intended after you die. That means you need a comprehensive estate plan.

With an estate plan, you can make all of the decisions yourself and appoint the people you trust to handle your affairs. You can make sure your assets go to the loved ones you want to have them. If you have a business, an estate plan is the only way you can have a say as to how it's run after you’re gone.

With careful planning, you can make sure your legacy is carried on in the way that you want and that the right people handle it.

We can help you with:

  • Customized Estate Plans
  • Will and Trust Packages
  • Special Needs Trusts
  • Living Trusts
  • Asset Protection
  • Elder Law Planning
  • Estate Administration
  • Probate Administration

With the right estate plan, you can make sure a charity you care about receives the help you want it to have. You can pay for a child's or grandchild's education or even their wedding. You can make sure a possession you cherish goes to someone who will care for it the way you would.

With an estate plan, you can direct your assets to go where you want and where they will do the most good.

Without a solid estate plan, you are leaving your legacy to chance. Those who die without at least a simple will are considered "intestate," which means that a local court will distribute all of your assets according to a formula set up by the state legislature.

Also, they will name an executor to administer your estate, which could be someone you don’t know or trust. That often means your next-of-kin gets everything, whether that meets with your wishes or not.

For example, if you have been married before and you have children from the first marriage, you will have to trust that your current wife will take care of them if your current wife turns out to be your next-of-kin.

Take Care of Your Family

Estate planning can be simple or it can be complex, but it's up to you because the planning process is always changing. I have been handling estate planning for many years, but just as importantly, I keep up with the changes in the law. I can assist anyone with virtually any aspect of estate planning such as the preparation of an estate plan that gives you the power to make sure your wishes are carried out. But I can also help you change it as your circumstances and the law change.

I can also help your heirs avoid the probate process altogether and avoid family fights by clearly and properly demonstrating your express wishes in a way that makes everything crystal clear. I can also help you prepare whatever type of trust is the best for your situation.

I strongly believe in client service and the best way to provide that is by listening to clients' needs carefully and focusing on the details. That is why I have one of the best estate planning and probate firms out there. My focus is on you and your wishes. Don’t leave these important decisions to the state. Take care of them yourself and let me help.

THE BIONDI LAW FIRM Can Help You Plan for Your Future and Theirs

I have always believed that by providing each client with personal attention and focusing on every detail, it is possible to make sure the client's intentions are clear to everyone. You avoid the worst aspects of the probate process by planning for every detail.

When you pass away, the people you care about the most will have a lot to deal with. To subject them to the stress of California probate court is something you can avoid and with me helping you craft an estate plan, it will be.

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