Settle Civil Disputes Towards Your Favor

Civil litigation has to do with disputes that arise based on perceived and assertive wrongs. These wrongs are alleged by the plaintiff, who might seek to collect damages or other recovery as a matter of right. The laws that civil litigation is based on are usually not criminal laws, but public laws like personal injury law, property law, employment law, or even intellectual property law.

In a civil litigation case, unlike a criminal law case, no one can lose their freedom or go to jail. However, such a legal dispute can lead to a major negative impact on your personal or your business life. When someone files a civil lawsuit against you, it is very important to have a strong and committed attorney to help you advocate for yourself and to protect your rights. It’s virtually impossible to handle such a case on your own.

Glen has experience representing all types of individuals and corporations in civil litigation. Our experienced and knowledgeable legal team has a unique ability to provide our clients with the most innovative, creative, and aggressive representation available in all federal and California state courts.

I have represented all sorts of clients in many types of litigation and have an excellent reputation for my ability to adopt an approach that will achieve the best possible resolution for my client.

I Fight for You

You want to make sure that all of your rights are properly protected. For that to happen, it is an absolute necessity to have an excellent litigator helping you. A good civil litigation attorney will conduct thorough research into all of the facts of the case and all of the legal factors that apply to your situation.

In any civil litigation, you need help long before your case goes to court so it doesn’t pay to wait to find one. I will work hard to gather as much evidence as possible to get a clear picture of what happened and I will attempt to resolve the issue through the most competent legal strategies possible and through negotiations.

Most cases in civil litigation are resolved without going to court, but in that rare case when it has to, I will build a strong and aggressive case for you and provide the best possible representation in court. I will fight for you.

Let THE BIONDI LAW FIRM Protect Your Rights in Court

When faced with a civil litigation lawsuit, you need someone on your side who can protect your rights and make your case for you in the best way possible. I have represented a great many clients and we know how to analyze your case and represent your interests in a way that gets the best possible outcome for your civil litigation. You have a life to live and work to do. Let me worry about the legal matters.

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